Six-Fours les plages et ses alentours

Le Brusc

AU JARDIN DE LA FERME is situated in Le Brusc, the fishing port and marina of Six-Fours les plages, at 400m from the beach. The port, the shops and the restaurants are accessible by foot if you wish.

 Fishing in the Var Six Fours
Fishermen on the port of Brusc
 Marina of Six Fours
Port of Brusc
 Water sports in the Var
Windsurfers in Brusc
 Sandy beach in Six Fours
Beach Brusc

Le Cap Sicié

AU JARDIN DE LA FERME is at the foot of the Cap SICIE where you can go walking, biking or horse riding.

 Cycling in Six Fours in the Var
Biking in Cape Sicié
Vue sur la mer depuis le Cap Sicié
Sentier du littoral au Brusc
Falaise au Brusc
Crique au Mont Salva
 Coastal Trail between Six Fours and La Seyne
Hike Cape Sicié

 Coastal Trail in Cape Sicié

Notre-Dame du Mai

At the summit of the Cap Sicié you will find Notre Dame du Mai.

Built in 1653, at 350 m altitude, this chapel, overhanging the cliffs, is a place of pilgrimages.
Magnificent view over the sea and the coast.

A viewpoint indicator will guide you.

This chapel can be accessed:

by car 6 km, then 900 m walk
on foot from "Au Jardin de la Ferme" by the coastal path. (2 hours walk on a path overlooking the sea)
by bike through the forest paths.

This panoramic viewpoint of 360° spreads over the islands of the Levant, Port Cros, Porquerolles to the peninsula of Giens and the string of islands off the Cassis and Marseilles coastline.

The creeks of Cassis and the mountains of the Sainte Baume can also be seen.

The harbour of Toulon is at the foot of this viewpoint.

Six Fours, Sanary, Bandol, La Ciotat, Cassis
View on the island of Embiez and towards Marseille
 View Toulon
Toulon harbor
Les sablettes, La Seyne, St Mandrier; Toulon
View of St Mandrier and Toulon

Ile des Embiez

At 500m from your holiday rental, you will find the landing stage for the island of Embiez.

This paradise belongs to the family of Paul RICARD since 1958.
It is internationally renowned for boating, windsurfing, diving and all those who love the sea.

Rocky creeks and inlets, rocks sculptured by the sea, limpid sea beds…  a delight for modern Robinson Crusoe’s!

Les Embiez at Six Fours les plages
Iles Embiez
Crique au Embiez
Plage isolée sur l'ile des Embiez
Les Embiez vers Le Brusc
Vue des Embiez vers Six Fours
Visit the Embiez Brusc
Little train to visit the island of Embiez

Ile du Gaou

You can continue your visit to the island of Gaou (1,2 km)
within walking distance, ideal for fishing, diving or family walks.

 Overlooking the lagoon of Brusc from the island of Gaou
Lagoon on the island of Gaou
View of the island Embiez from the Gaou
Pointe du Gaou
View Sicié cap from Gaou
Le Gaou

 Lagoon Gaou
Le gaou

Chapelle Notre-Dame de Pépiole

 4 km from Le Brusc, the pre-Roman chapel of Notre-Dame de Pépiole is one of the oldest paleoChristian monuments of France. The first monks from the Abbey of Saint-Victor in Marseilles occupied the place from the VIth century.

Chapel of the VI century SIX-FOURS les plages